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It doesn’t matter if you have been exercising for a long period of time or if you are just beginning, it is a good idea to set realistic goals. Once you have a goal, make a plan to stay on track, commit to that plan, and stay consistent in order to follow through. If you are a beginner start with something simple. For example, get on a treadmill for 20 minutes, followed by a couple common weighted exercises like the chest press machine or cable lat pulldown.

Whether you are inexperienced or experienced with exercising and weight training, the option of a personal trainer can be very beneficial. A personal trainer can set up a simple, but effective program to build a foundation for beginners, or create a drastically different routine to motivate a long-time gym user.
For information about personal training, contact the front desk at 541-687-2200, or go to our personal training page at www.inshapeathleticclub.com.