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by Dareck Cordell, Certified Personal Trainer
For gym members who enjoy using the cardio machines, but find yourself on the same machine every time, maybe it is time to change it up. There are many health benefits to using cardio machines on a regular basis, but there are also specific advantages to the different machines.
Treadmills provide the ability to run or walk on a flat or elevated surface, but can have some impact on ankles, knees, or hips. The Elliptical provides the ability to move on a fixed motion with different resistance with minimal impact. The Stairmaster simulates going up stairs at variable speeds, which can result in an intense leg exercise. The AMT is somewhat of a cross between multiple machines that allows the user to simulate the motion of stairs all the way to the motion of a full stride run.
All of the cardio machines that are available have many health advantages and can be used to meet specific needs, but taking advantage of every machine may create an exciting new exercise routine that provides even greater results.
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