Quadriceps Stretch

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by Judy Oberdorfer, Certified Personal Trainer

This stretch is for the quadriceps (muscles in the front, upper 1/2 of the leg).  Doing this in a standing position can be a challenge to balance, so lying on the floor is also very effective.  For this stretch, pull your foot up towards your glutes as far as you can.  If you are unable to grab your foot or ankle, you can think about bringing your heel towards your glutes and can still get a good stretch.  It is important the bent leg is parallel or slightly behind the straight leg.  Bringing your knee forward will take the stretch away from the quadriceps. Because this is a large muscle group, it is good to hold the stretch for at least 45 seconds. Remember that stretching after strength training is just as important as stretching after a cardio workout.


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