Modified Push Ups

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by Judy Oberdorfer, Certified Personal Trainer


Push ups are a wonderful exercise for core and upper body strength.  However, doing a push up properly can be a challenge and if done incorrectly can be more detrimental than helpful.  If you are having difficulty with pushups, try modifying it by performing it on a slant.  This can be done at the ballet barre in our aerobic studio or on one of the bars (like the Smith machine) in the weight room.


Start by placing your hands on the bar, farther apart that your shoulders.  If the hands are too close to each other it can cause undue stress on the wrists and can cause the torso to drop below the shoulders.  Walk your feet back as far as you possibly can (it helps to lift your heels) until you are in a plank position.  Squeezing your gluts will help engage your low back muscles and keep your body in alignment.  Bending towards the bar, be sure and let your elbows go out to the side and try to maintain the plank position.  Exhale as you push yourself away from the bar.

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