Seated Leg Curl

In Trainer Tips by inshape

by Judy Oberdorfer, Certified Personal Trainer

This exercise is to strengthen the hamstrings (back of the upper leg).  Hamstrings are often 50% weaker than the quadriceps (front of upper leg) and strengthening them can help balance the strength between the quads and hamstrings as well as help with strengthening around the knee.

The seated leg curl machine is an efficient way to do this exercise because it isolates the hamstrings.  Make sure the thigh support is comfortably sitting on your lap during this exercise.  Starting from a straight leg position, slowly pull your heels back towards your glutes in a slow and controlled motion, then straighten the legs without locking in the knees.  If you get to a point where you can’t pull your heels all the way back, take a break.  It is important to use the full range of motion so as to work the entire length of the muscle.

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