We offer more than 35 group fitness classes each week, all included FREE with membership. Such classes include: Dance, Pilates, Step, Yoga, Zumba®, Seniors on the Move, and many more. Contact our Group Fitness Coordinator Julie Kolpin with any questions.

Barre Express (0.5hr) – Delivers a harmonious blend of ballet, yoga, Pilates, and core exercises in just 30 minutes! Designed to sculpt muscles, improve body alignment, enhance balance, and increase flexibility.
Cardio Dance (1.0hr): From lyrical to hip-hop, these classes cover it! Elements of jazz, modern dance, and ballet infuse these classes with style, flair and fun. Learn some common dance moves and terminology in an aerobic environment.
Cardio Blast (1.0hr) – A fast-paced, high intensity class that blends cardio drills with rigorous weight training intervals. Each class includes core strengthening and flexibility work.

HIIT 60 (1.0hr) – A full 60 minutes of high intensity interval training. Build your strength, increase your endurance and test your limits. This class will target major muscle groups with innovative resistance exercises and cardio intervals.

Core & More (1.0hr) – This class is designed to work your total core from neck to hips with the added benefit of interval training.

Pilates Mat (1.0hr): Pilates focuses on stabilizing and strengthening the body’s core or midsection. Pilates is a unique method of increasing flexibility as well as improving posture, balance, and coordination. In this class you will experience a full body workout without any specialized equipment.
Step & Abs (1.0hr): Be prepared to sweat! Step sequences and cardio intervals jumpstart the first ½ hour. The last ½ hour is dedicated to abdominal (core) exercises and relaxing stretches.

Step & Strength (1.0hr): This class strikes the perfect balance of step aerobics and resistance training. Cardiovascular intervals as well as body sculpting on the step may be included.

Group Strength (1.0hr): Through the use of a variety of resistance equipment, this class is designed to build strength, increase bone density, and decrease body fat. The class will focus on core strength as well as stability and balance – no muscle gets neglected! Group strength is a great choice for beginners and experienced exercisers.

Toning Express (0.5hr): A 30 minute toning class using free weights, tubing, and other resistance tools. Designed to strengthen as well as lengthen all major muscle groups. Variety is built into this class to work muscles from different angles.

Yoga (1.0hr): Offers you a chance to quiet your mind and work your body from the inside out. Refreshing, restoring and relaxing.

Broga® (1.0hr): Strong, energetic, and challenging. Broga® combines the best core-strengthening, cardio-working, and stress reducing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises. With fun music and a cool vibe, Broga® is a class geared for men but open to all.

**a personal yoga mat is required for this class**

Zumba® (1.0hr): Fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness class. The routines feature interval training with fast & slow movements for an exhilarating, calorie-burning workout.
Advanced Senior Strength (1.25hrs): Similar to Progressive Strength but designed for mature adults (or any club members) who are ready for a greater strength development challenge. This class is not recommended for novice exercisers.

Progressive Senior Strength (1.0hr) A class dedicated to resistance training for the mature adult. This class incorporates different types of resistance equipment including free weights, bands, and tubing. Balance exercises, abdominal strengthening and flexibility training are integral parts of this class.

Senior Cardio & Senior Cardio Dance (1.0hr): These lively classes consist of dance aerobics and/or step aerobics paired with strength training. All ability levels are welcome.

Class Schedule

Step & Strength 5:45 am Judy JOIN NOW!
Senior Cardio 7:15 am Kelley JOIN NOW!
Cardio Blast 8:45 am Julie JOIN NOW!
Senior Cardio Step 10:15 am Judy JOIN NOW!
Group Strength 12:05 pm Wanly JOIN NOW!
Barre Express 5:00 pm Hilary JOIN NOW!
Zumba® 5:45 pm Robin JOIN NOW!
Yoga 7:00 am Glen JOIN NOW!
Cardio Dance 8:30 am Dana JOIN NOW!
Hiit 60 9:35 am Julie JOIN NOW!
Advanced Senior Strength 10:40 am Kelley JOIN NOW!
Pilates Mat 12:05 pm Hilary JOIN NOW!
Toning Express 5:00 pm Judy JOIN NOW!
Step & Abs 5:45 pm Judy JOIN NOW!
Hiit 60 5:45 am Julie JOIN NOW!
Progressive Senior Strength 7:15 am Kelley JOIN NOW!
Zumba® 8:45 am Lareina JOIN NOW!
Progressive Senior Strength 10:15 am Judy JOIN NOW!
Broga® 12:05 pm Jess JOIN NOW!
Zumba® 5:45 pm Robin JOIN NOW!
Step & Strength 5:45 am Judy JOIN NOW!
Cardio Dance 8:30 am Dana JOIN NOW!
Core & More 9:35 am Kelley JOIN NOW!
Advanced Senior Strength 10:40 am Kelley JOIN NOW!
Yoga 12:05 pm Glen JOIN NOW!
Total Body Conditioning 5:45 pm Kelley JOIN NOW!
Hiit 60 5:45 am Julie JOIN NOW!
Senior Cardio Dance 7:15 am Judy JOIN NOW!
Yoga 8:45 am Leah JOIN NOW!
Progressive Senior Strength 10:15 am Judy JOIN NOW!
Zumba® 5:45 pm Chelsea & Elisa JOIN NOW!
Cardio Dance 8:00 am Dana JOIN NOW!
Cardio Blast/Core & More 9:15 am Julie/Marianne JOIN NOW!
Yoga 10 am Verna & Kelley JOIN NOW!